Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Questions

The jobs listed on this website are the virtual assistant roles we are currently recruiting for. 

To apply for any of these positions, simply select ‘Read More’ on the position you would like to apply for, then fill out the application form with your personal details, experience details and samples of your work.

If your application is successful, one of our team members will get in touch with you so you can proceed to the next stage of recruitment. 

If any of our team members do not contact you, you may not have been selected for the role you applied for. 

But don’t worry! Our team will save your application for any future job opportunities that may be more suitable for you. 

Due to the amount of applications we receive, we are not able to respond to every application. 

Kindly refrain from asking about your job application status on our social media channels and main website. Our admin team handling these platforms do not have access to your files, so you will receive an automated response instead. Please be patient while we thoroughly review your application!

At Outsourcing Angel, we know getting started quickly is important! That’s why we prioritise matching clients with EXPERIENCED virtual assistants (VAs) whose skills closely align with their specific needs.

But don’t worry if you’re new to the VA world! We also welcome applications from candidates with a background in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) who have transferable skills that can shine in remote work or virtual assistant roles.

Our team is here to help you find the perfect fit, regardless of your experience level. Feel free to apply and let us know about your transferable skills and how you’d love to contribute to a client’s success.

Our clients are looking for specific industry skills and experience with specific tools. Kindly click on ‘Read More’ on any of the jobs listed above to learn what our clients are looking for.

Generally, our recruitment team is looking for individuals who are: 

  • highly proficient in English (both written and spoken)
  • have solid experience in their area of expertise (such as admin support, digital marketing, etc.)
  • are extremely reliable and dedicated
  • have a reliable internet connection with 50Mbps minimum download speed and 20Mbps minimum upload speed (will be checked live during your Zoom interview)
  • a backup connection is a bonus!
  • and are committed to long-term collaboration.

Our selection process includes: 

  • an initial screening of your application
  • a panel interview with our recruitment team to assess your skills and compatibility with our culture
  • a client interview to assess your fit with specific client needs and expectations

All candidates are also required to complete: 

  1. a General VA skills test to evaluate their basic VA skills
  2. and a personality assessment test created by established entrepreneurs and psychologists to assess their fit with potential clients

Once a client accepts your application, our team will help you get onboarded so you can start your new role.

The duration varies based on our clients’ current needs and the number of applications we’re processing. 

On average, it could take 3 weeks from the submission of your application to our client’s final decision to hire you, depending on their schedule, availability and decision-making timeline.

We usually have a 5 to 6 work days turnaround time for vetting VA candidates with clients. After that, we book your client interview based on the client’s availability. 

Rest assured that our recruitment team is working diligently to ensure the best client match for you!

Yes, you can. Our team will save your application for any future job opportunities that may be more suitable for you.

Currently, we’re only hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines. 

However, as our company grows and evolves, we might start recruiting from other countries in the future. Keep an eye on our updates!

For your home office setup, we require:

  1. a reliable internet connection with 50Mbps minimum download speed and 20Mbps minimum upload speed that supports video conferencing and seamless online work. 
  2. a computer or laptop that meets our technical standards, along with the necessary software installations. This is to ensure you’re fully equipped to perform your tasks effectively as one of our Virtual Angels.
  3. a dedicated workspace that is quiet and free from distractions, to ensure privacy and professionalism during your work hours.

You will be required to log into our online time-tracking management system (Jibble) at the start of each shift. 

We DON’T use random screenshot tools or screen surveillance apps.

You will be responsible for keeping your Jibble and End of Day (EOD) reports updated. This system helps us keep track of your work hours and get your salary ready, so you need to stay logged in while you’re working and log out whenever you’re finished with your shift.

Yes, you are placed on a probationary period for the first 4-6 weeks of your work as a Virtual Angel. 

Our Guardian Angel program closely monitors the progress of newly onboarded VAs to ensure:

  • the proper documentation of workflow
  • that alignment of skills to the actual role responsibilities and workload is confirmed with the client.

During this period, regular check-ins with the VAs will be conducted. 

Check-ins are booked after the first week and the first month of the VA’s service. After the critical probationary period of 4 to 6 weeks, these check-ins will be scheduled quarterly.

These Angel check-ins are designed to:

  • make sure you’re adjusting well and settling properly into your role 
  • to answer any questions or concerns you might have
  • and to help you improve further in your role

Compensation Questions

We use both Wise and Airwallex to process your salary. You can choose any local bank that you prefer. 

Upon onboarding, our team will ask for your local bank account details (account name and account number) so we can process your salary every payroll period.

Your salary is processed promptly on a bimonthly basis, every 15th and 30th/31st of the month. 

We’ll also ask you to confirm the computed salary amount each payroll period before we process your pay.

At Outsourcing Angel, we aim to offer above-average rates that reflect your contribution to our team and clients. Compensation will also be based on your experience, skill level, and the complexity of the tasks you’ll be handling. 

Your final rate will be decided during the contract and work declaration signing stage.


We have designed an exclusive rewards point system called the Angel Points System, which is designed to award you a corresponding number of points convertible to cash, based on your: 

  • performance
  • dedication
  • and the overall success of the projects you work on.

For more information on the Angel Points System, please refer to our Company Culture questions category on this page and check under the question: “How does the Angel Points System work?”

Outsourcing Angel is an Australian company and we will process your fees and payments following the AUD$ currency. 

We’ll ask you to confirm the computed salary amount each payroll period before we process your pay.

The agreed service fees for your client service are INCLUSIVE of transfer fees.

As an independent contractor, our VAs will be responsible for managing their own tax filing, and other government-mandated fees that apply to their independent contractor or self-employed classification.

Any paid sick leave and paid holidays will be at the discretion of your client.

In addition to any paid days off granted by your client, the Outsourcing Angel admin team organises:

  • annual company trips with the Australian management team
  • in-person meet ups for VAs living closely together
  • virtual events with prizes for special occasions (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more)

This is to promote a sense of community among our Virtual Angels.

Yes, of course!

Immediately at the start of your contract, you’ll be qualified to receive the Health Compensation package that we have for our Angels.

This includes emergency coverage (Maxicare) and financial support for necessary medical consults, checkups and procedures. This is to ensure your continued health and wellness as one of our Virtual Angels.

Resignation Questions

We require a 30-day notice if you decide to resign from your duties. This is to give us enough time to recruit, onboard, train and hand over your workload to a replacement VA.

Our team would appreciate open communication about your plans as early as possible.

Termination can occur due to: 

  • consistent underperformance
  • breach of contract
  • or if your client’s business needs change. 

However, we always aim for clear communication and opportunities for improvement before making such decisions.

Rest assured that you won’t be terminated out of the blue as long as you’re working with our dedicated team!

If your client decides to terminate your service due to changes within their company or a reduction in work, you will be guaranteed a 2-week notice, and our Recruitment Team will prioritise placing you with other suitable clients to ensure your smooth transition and continuous earnings.

Part of our priority is to keep our virtual assistants engaged and employed, so we’ll work with you to find a new placement that closely matches your skills and experience.

If the grounds for your dismissal at work are due to poor work ethic, the circumstances will be subject to investigation and will be decided upon by the management.

Any termination pay will be at the discretion of your client. 

If your client chooses to offer termination pay, it will be based on their policies and the terms agreed upon in your contract with them. 

We’ll make sure you and your client have a perfect understanding of any benefits that may be provided for you upon the conclusion of your services.

Company Culture Questions

At Outsourcing Angel, we offer:

  • access to our Slack Channels and Facebook Groups, where our active community discusses everything from new tools and industry tips to fitness goals (and our pets)
  • the Angel Points System, our exclusive rewards point system designed to award you a corresponding number of points convertible to cash based on your performance
  • guidance from our dedicated Virtual Office Manager (VOM) and other admin staff, for any work-related concerns or assistance you need 
  • charity and volunteering opportunities
  • access to our monthly Angel Talk, a platform where our admin staff and selected Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) conduct in-depth discussions about automation tools, growth opportunities, professional development, and more

We are continuously improving our initiatives for our Virtual Angels. Stay tuned for updates as we support your growth and success within our company!

The Angel Points System is an exclusive rewards point system for our virtual assistants.

Our VAs get corresponding points convertible to cash during each payroll whenever they fulfil items from our Virtual Angel Oath.

For example, if a VA receives excellent praise from their client for a job well done, that falls under VA Oath #1: “I promise to bring 100% passion, energy and love each day I log in.” That VA has now earned 1 point! 

All the relevant and positive contributions our VAs make for clients have corresponding points, depending on their complexity.

Here’s a run-down of some Angel Points:

  • Positive client comments on work = 2 points max/day
  • Assisting peers with urgent matters = 5 points
  • Participation in OA Admin test projects and activities = 5 points
  • Attendance & participation in OA online gatherings, events and other company activities = 5 points
  • Presenting work improvement initiatives = 10 points
  • Saving client from a major “bend” or project/issue = 10 points
  • Increased responsibility/Role promotion = 10 points

By implementing the Angel Points Sytem, our VAs are motivated to put their best foot forward for their clients.

Since 2013, we’ve been donating 10% of our monthly profits to charity initiatives in the Philippines, where most of our VAs are located. 

We’ve partnered with Tribu Ni Bro (TNB), a non-profit group operated by local volunteers in the Philippines that use our donations to help those in need.

We’ve made monthly donations that their amazing Filipino volunteers to travel to rural communities living in extreme poverty to provide them with:

  • Food, clothes and other necessities
  • Clean water pumps and systems
  • Agriculture tools and training
  • Assistance during natural disasters
  • Solar panel and power installation
  • Repairing damaged homes, and more.

Outsourcing Angel has also partnered with Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines and the SOS Children’s Village in Davao City, Philippines. 

These partnerships help us provide valuable internships and workshops to underprivileged youth so they can learn writing, communication, and computer skills like social media and the foundations of marketing. 

We hope to equip the students with the skillset that allows them to find part-time or full-time job opportunities, so they can forge successful careers for themselves.

For more information on our charity work, please refer to our Charity Work page.


Our virtual assistants actively participate in our charity initiatives, and some even spearhead independent projects or donate their own bonuses to local causes. Our clients have also become sponsors to support our projects.

Charity is embedded in our work culture at all levels in Outsourcing Angel. We’ll be glad to add another volunteer to our efforts at spreading positive change.

Opportunities for our virtual assistants to travel abroad are granted at the discretion of their respective clients. 

If a client plans to sponsor your travel abroad due to your excellent performance and outstanding work ethic, the Outsourcing Angel admin team will help provide any legal documents and other necessary requirements for overseas travel.

A number of our VAs have visited Australia, Germany, Portugal, and other countries in the past, due to their amazing work performance.

At Outsourcing Angel, our core values are:

  • Innovation – Challenge today for a better tomorrow
  • Care – Striving for excellence with empathy
  • Courage – Embracing discomfort for growth
  • and Integrity – Our word is our bond

For more information on how we practice our core values at work, please refer to our Core Values page.

We value our virtual assistants’ growth and offer various support initiatives to nurture it. For more information on how we support our VAs, please visit our ‘Become a VA’ page.

As long as you are committed to becoming a reliable, adaptable, and capable contributor to your client’s needs, we will also invest our time and resources into opportunities that can advance your career long-term.

General/Other Questions

While we try to match VAs with projects that fit their skills and interests, flexibility is an important asset we look for in our Virtual Angels. We encourage our VAs to be open to working on a variety of projects to expand their experience and expertise.

We provide various resources to help you succeed as a VA. 

This includes access to: 

  • our various learning channels
  • Angel Talk sessions conducted by our internal staff and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • and regular feedback sessions with our Virtual Office Manager (VOM).

If you’re selected as a VA for any of our Systemise and Scale Up (S&S) clients, we’ll also train you on: 

  • the specific tools
  • platforms 
  • and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) required by your client.

Yes, we encourage networking and collaboration among our VAs through: 

  • company-sponsored in-person meet-ups for VAs living closely together
  • annual company trips
  • virtual events for special occasions (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more) with games and prizes
  • and access to our social sharing platforms (interest-based Slack channels and Virtual Angels-exclusive Facebook group).

For any further inquiries, feel free to contact our admin team via the Contact Us form. We’re here to answer all your questions and guide you through the process of becoming a Virtual Angel.

Become a Virtual Angel today.

We’re excited to see what you can accomplish for our clients! 

Please browse our current job listings and apply for the role that best fits your skills, so you can join our thriving remote team.

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